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The United States Department of Energy regularly publishes power statistics for the average cost of energy by state. As a PC Power Management company it is critical that we keep track of this energy information. These are the latest published statistics from the feds. Wondering how much you are actually spending on energy? Just take few seconds to look up your state. The way the table works is simple, the first column is the average energy cost per kWh, the second column is the state and the third column is the cost of running a PC in that state for a year.

When you consider a school district with 5000-10000 computers that are sitting idle at least 40% of the day you can quickly see where PC Power Management from an enterprise class software suite (like Energy Enforcer) can really make a huge dent in your facilities costs. Our green computing software utilities will shut down computers at night and put computers to sleep when they are left unattended during the day. Energy Enforcer can save your business or school district’s large computing environment a considerable amount of money by eliminating much of the wasted energy, which is NOT CHEAP!

Check out the list below, these are national averages of kWh energy cost by state.


PC Power Management - Sleeps Computers During the Day to Save Energy

PC Power Management | Lights-On Day time Savings by Sleeping Unused PCs



PC Power Management - Turn Off Computers At Night When Left On

PC Power Management | Lights-Off Night Time Turns Off Computers Left On At Night

Energy Cost per kWh US State PC Cost
$0.0859 Alabama $33.05
$0.1473 Alaska $56.67
$0.0911 Arizona $35.05
$0.0760 Arkansas $29.24
$0.1248 California $48.02
$0.0859 Colorado $33.05
$0.1779 Connecticut $68.45
$0.1236 Delaware $47.56
$0.1310 DC $50.40
$0.1074 Florida $41.32
$0.0884 Georgia $34.01
$0.2920 Hawaii $112.35
$0.0569 Idaho $21.89
$0.0926 Illinois $35.63
$0.0709 Indiana $27.28
$0.0689 Iowa $26.51
$0.0745 Kansas $28.66
$0.0626 Kentucky $24.09
$0.0944 Louisiana $36.32
$0.1383 Maine $53.21
$0.1301 Maryland $50.06
$0.1627 Massachusetts $62.60
$0.0894 Michigan $34.40
$0.0779 Minnesota $29.97
$0.0089 Mississippi $3.42
$0.0684 Missouri $26.32
$0.0072 Montana $2.77
$0.0658 Nebraska $25.32
$0.0989 Nevada $38.05
$0.1465 New Hampshire $56.37
$0.1444 New Jersey $55.56
$0.0835 New Mexico $32.13
$0.1657 New York $63.75
$0.0796 North Carolina $30.63
$0.0669 North Dakota $25.74
$0.0839 Ohio $32.28
$0.0781 Oklahoma $30.05
$0.0723 Oregon $27.82
$0.0932 Pennsylvania $35.86
$0.0160 Rhode Island $6.16
$0.0785 South Carolina $30.20
$0.0714 South Dakota $27.47
$0.0818 Tennessee $31.47
$0.1099 Texas $42.28
$0.0649 Utah $24.97
$0.1233 Vermont $47.44
$0.0800 Virginia $30.78
$0.0655 Washington $25.20
$0.0561 West Virginia $21.58
$0.0900 Wisconsin $34.63
$0.0567 Wyoming $21.82

PC Power Management is an easy way to reduce your organizations energy costs and nobody does PC Power Management better than the Greener Education Company’s Energy Enforcer. We don’t sell directly to the public, but please give us a call or drop us an email and we can put you in touch with a local Channel Partner that will help you with a free energy audit. We have helped many other organizations and we’d be happy to help you take control of your technology related energy consumption with the Energy Enforcer PC Power Management

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